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Core Team

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Alex Zlatopolski


Alex has a multidisciplinary background in business, education and personal development. He has worked in various sales, project management and business development roles and is currently the head of transformation, growth and e-commerce at a family business. He worked as an Economics and Business teacher in London schools for 8 years, and has developed a passion for alternative education approaches. His long standing interest in the nature of life and human consciousness has taken him on vast journey exploring different cultures, religions, work with the layers of consciousness and altered states. He is now a certified coach and conscious evolution guide.

He has long been interested in the unifying aspects of human nature. It led him to create a Unity in Diversity society while at University, and now he has been strongly inspired and guided to create this Festival to unite and uplift the world.

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Paddy Coyne


Paddy is an experienced IT professional with a background in IT consulting and project management in startups and large multinational corporations alike. He is now a freelance programmer and SEO consultant building websites and web applications.

Paddy is the main wizard behind the technical development of the new platform. 

Key Partners


Liga Kandere


Liga is an experienced graphic design professional working in the field since 2009 as a practitioner, arts director and educator . She is now a freelancer focusing on working on sustainable and purposeful projects that benefit people and the planet. She masterfully combines her interests and experience in the fields of pedagogy, psychology, therapy and emotional, spiritual well-being to create deep and authentic masterpieces. Liga is an intuitive creative wizard going deep into the purpose, philosophy and spirit of a project creating brand image, designs and guidelines in true alignment with the vision.

Liga oversees the creation of the brand image and design guidelines for the new Festival platform.

Find more about Liga's work on ligakandere.co.uk

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Rob Uzzell



Rob is a world wandering traveling adventurer dedicated and in service to raising conscious awareness. Weaving in between worlds Rob’s work and passions are film making, story telling, spirituality, plant medicines, holistic health and activism. Rob is currently creating a film series that focuses on all the many aspects of our individual and collective journeys through this challenging, exciting and ultimately magical time of transformation. Rob also facilitates with people who have asked for, and who have started their own healing transformational journeys using a variety of modalities including guided meditations and one on one sessions of deep communication and conversation.

Rob oversees the creation of videos for the Festival.

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John Jenkins (JJ)


With a multi-decade background in sales, construction, trucking, and gaming industries JJ now is a committed and heart centered co-creator of the new paradigm. Following his passions in conscious living, music, activism and volunteering, JJ is involved in a wide variety of organisations. He is in the leadership teams of community groups, conscious projects and fundraisers. JJ is an ambassador and volunteer for many community, change-making and creative organisations.

JJ contributes to creating heartful videos and texts for the Festival

Other co-creators

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Inna Kozlinska


Inna is a scientific researcher and educator passionate about connecting science with spirituality. She holds a PhD degree in Entrepreneurial Learning. While studying and working in higher education institutions in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Finland, and Estonia, Inna developed her long-standing passion in personal growth through meditation practice and yoga. Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, she currently develops and leads online courses on emotional regulation for lifelong learners. In her main job, Inna works as an assistant professor at one of the Dutch universities. 

Inna oversees scientific research that serves as a foundation for the Festival’s development, including measurement of collectively generated effects in the three global practice waves.  

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Jovz Apo



Jovz Apo is a Multimedia designer based in the Philippines. His Major Strengths are graphic design, video editing, motion graphics, and web design. He has worked as a graphic designer, video editor and supervisor in various media companies since 2010.  He specialises in helping startups grow their businesses. He lives in a world of infinite possibilities, preferring to see things not as they are but as they could be. He is a problem solver with a keen interest in contributing to society through design. 

Jovz helps create awesome videos for the Festival.

Find more about Jovz' work on ja.moonstar.ink

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