New platform in development

The current website you are visiting is our first prototype to allow us to launch sooner and test the viability of this project. Our team is currently working on creating a custom platform with dedicated functionality to become the most engaging platform that facilitates global synchronised events.

Some of the new features we are planning to introduce:

  • have a custom Festival page with a filtering system to allow you easily discover events of different types, languages, durations etc

  • option to add physical events with locations on a map, option to add closed virtual events (e.g. Zoom room only)

  • dedicated Host accounts allowing automated sign-up and event publishing, host profile page, past event archive, promotional content etc

  • dedicated Participant accounts providing additional engagement and interaction capabilities, such as an ability to sign up to specific events/hosts in advance and get reminders, participate in community conversations, leave feedback to Hosts, archive of events participated in

  • A live participant counter for individual events and the whole festival

  • A map of the event locations, count and participation, and, later, with approximate participant geolocations.

Some of the key front end elements

Home page

Main page (1) (1).png

Main festival hub

Festival page.png

Individual event room

Individual Festival page.png

Public host profile page

Host profile copy.png

User account

Participant account- MY EVENTS.png

Notification tab

Participant notifications.png

Public host directory

All hosts page.png

Host account

Host account- Host event.png

Merchandise sketches

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 13.55.09.png
Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 13.55.18.png