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Unite to Uplift the World

Festival of Love, Healing, Diversity and Culture


of a unique
platform for Conscious Synchronised
Global  Events


Find out everything you need to know about the project:

Hi, I'm Alex, the custodian of this project. Watch this short video where you can discover more about:

  • the purpose and format of the Festival

  • demonstration of the platform

  • what has been accomplished so far

  • our future development plans

  • evidence for 'mind over matter' science - a cornerstone of the project

  • our offer for future partners

  • how you can get involved

  • what we are looking for

Global Unity Festival is a platform for conscious synchronised events with livestreams taking part every first Sunday of each month.


Participants can discover many different hosts and performers on different live virtual stages. Each stage will host different events like meditation, conscious music, prayers, breathwork and many more. But what unites them all is a single intention - to uplift the world. Each host synchronises with all others to perform and "Uplifting Practice" during the peak of the Festival to focus on this intention, creating a wave of positive energy.

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Briefly about the Festival

"A place to uplift yourself and the world"

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Celebrate global unity

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Experience inner peace and joy

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Increase wellbeing in society

The new Platform

The current website you're visiting is our first prototype to allow us to build the momentum and prepare for the full launch. Our team is currently creating a custom website with dedicated functionality to become the most engaging platform that facilitates global synchronised events.

More about new Platform >

Our team 

This project is a manifestation of inspiration, love and dedication by many talended people. We strongly

believe that the time has come for humanity to come together and create a better future. We are committed to giving the most the we have and creating the most engaging platform for synchronised events.

Meet our team here >

We are recruiting

We are a self-organising, purpose-centered organisation, which means that specific roles and responsibilities emerge from the interactions of everyone involved and everyone's individual skills, inspiration and calling.


Here are some possible key roles essential for the successful running of the Festival and Platform:

  • (Full stack) Marketer - overseeing and implementing all key marketing​ activities, such as brand communication, advertising, social media management, email marketing, audience engagement etc

  • Host and Fellow Community Manager - ​recruiting, onboarding, coordinating and building relationships with Festival hosts, Fellows, Friends and Conscious Festival Fellows

  • Science of Interconnectedness Coordinator - communicating scientific concepts to the public and liaising with relevant research organisations and scientists

  • Graphic Designer​ - creating designs for everything from social media posts, to promo banners to website elements

  • Head of Business Development - developing and overseeing e-commerce, sponsorships

  • Fundraiser -  planing and overseeing campaigns, events and systems to raise funds

  • Main stage host - planning and managing prerecorded content and hosting live streams that serve as a central hub sharing all live Festival updates and promoting other hosts

The above list is just as an example of some roles, however there are many other ways you can engage your gifts in service of Uplifting the World. 

Even if you simply want to develop some new skills, or have some initial experience, or simply are passionate about the vision, get in touch!

Some further skills examples to get your ideas going:

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Social media management

  • Graphic design

  • Event management

  • Project management

  • Community management

  • Web development

  • App development

  • PR

  • Charity law

  • Fundraising

  • Interviewing and podcasting

  • Any other skills to make this project a success!

We are also looking for advisors, consultants and mentors to ensure the success of the project.

Contact us even if you don't feel like joining the team, but have some suggestions for the project.

Our organisational structure

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What we offer

A teal-indigo organisation

The way we collaborate, co-create and run our organisation is ​inspired by a synthesis of a wide range of innovators, visionaries and wisdom keepers. We operate on the core premise that an organisation has its own mission and purpose to manifest in this world, and our role is to be the custodians of it. We believe that  there is a greater intelligence that influences and guides our life, which we can tap into to inform our choices. We believe we are most successful when we each operate in the best alignment with our true nature, purpose and path. All this allows for the collective to move beyond control, hierarchy and manipulation into operating based on the principles or self-organisation, dynamic ecosystems and true creativity.

We co-create together in service to the same purpose while exercising highest possible individual autonomy. We aspire to be an omni-centric, networked organisation, where each part seeks to operate in a constant balance between individual and collective progress, coherence and fulfilment.

The terms 'teal' and 'indigo' in this context refer to the levels of human development, as described by the Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory. Although we integrate a synthesis of different teachings and do not limit ourselves only to these ideas, we find that they are helpful to clearly articulating the 

Teal organisation

Some essential sources on organisational management philosophy informing our practices. The core principles involve

decentralized management and organisational governance, distributed authority and decision-making, self-organisation, 

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Holacracy (1).jpeg
Corporate Rebels (1).jpeg

Indigo organisation

We aspire to stretch our capacity for human and organisational potential beyond teal, into turquoise and indigo levels. This involves continuous, conscious evolution of the individual and collective team consciousness. It also involves a continuous alignment with the individual, collective and organisational higher purpose and sacred guidance. On the practical level this involves certain individual and team practices that we have discovered fulfil these intentions and that we continue to innovate and experiment with.

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Relationships and Compensations Types

We believe that the future of working together and exchanging value is flexible, inventive and co-creative. This means that we can always find new ways of forming our relationships and methods of compensation in service to the common mission and purpose.

Below we summarise the types of relationships and compensation that we propose at the moment. Please let us know which of these speaks to you the most and share with us any further ideas and suggestions.

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Advancing the new science together

At the foundation of this Festival is the idea that our thoughts, intentions and emotional states affect the reality around us. We now have good experimental and scientific evidence that this indeed may be possible. See much more on that on our 'Learn' section. Despite this evidence, it is still not widely accepted and talked about, and one of the reasons is that it still needs more solid proof and promotion.

Therefore, a big part of our vision is to collaborate with scientists and research organisations working in this field, which can be called the 'science of interconnectivity'. We are already including functionality to measure the number of total participants taking part in all of the Festival events combined. Knowing precisely how many people unite in the same intention allows to more accurately observe and measure any effects that show up in the world. We intend to develop ways to link this information with the existing methods that scientists use to measure the effects of 'mind over matter' and, perhaps, to collaborate on creating new methods.

So by taking part in this Festival not only will you create a wonderful and unique collective experience, but also contribute to taking science to the next frontier. Imagine, if we had unshakable confirmation that we can transcend our current challenges, improve our physical, mental, spiritual and collective wellbeing.

Join the Festival, stay tuned for the scientific breakthroughs and be a part of the next advancement of our collective consciousness!

Help us make the most out of the launch

Regardless of whether or not you would like to join the team, we invite you to support us in the preparation for the full launch.  A growing following on social media helps us to be found by more people, create better partnerships, get more support and do better with algorithms. Event though we have not begun to actively post on there, this will help us greatly to get off to a great start soon!


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