Science of Interconnectivity

Everything is connected. A butterfly flapping its wings – could it cause a typhoon? Most likely not but numerous butterflies flapping their wings in a spring field is a spectacular scene that can cause an unforgettable experience of connectedness with the nature, the sun and the planet for human beings. Each butterfly as every living or non-living object that we observe has a certain frequency or vibration, in other terms, an electro-magnetic field, or biofield. While flying around the field, it has its own biofield; biofields of many butterflies flying together merge and create a greater experience for an observer of this natural phenomena. While the observer is experiencing the natural beauty and positive sensations from merging with the nature, s/he might think of someone they truly love and care about and with whom they would like to share this experience. Their caring thoughts and emotions will surely reach the addressee regardless of the distance and time difference.

The Sun and the Earth influence humans, humans influence themselves and each other, participating in the constant flow of causes and effects, some aspects of which scientists have already understood better.

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Extensive research demonstrates that the electro-magnetic activities of both the Sun and the Earth have an effect on:

  • People's mental and emotional states

  • Heart rate variability (HRV)

  • Global collective behaviours.


Currently, we understand that this happens through the Earth's bioelectromagnetic fields, or “biofields,” which impact weaker electromagnetic fields that surround and permeate all living organisms. This demonstrates that subtle influences are distributed across distances and that an individual or group state of being may have an impact on other individuals and groups. Further tests and measurements are currently being conducted by the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) Network and the Heartmath Institute. These discoveries begin to demonstrate a world where things and people really are connected and impacting one other.


As a result of the GCP studies we have strong and convincing evidence that:

  1. human health, cognitive functions, emotions and behaviors are affected by solar activity and planetary magnetic fields;

  2. an energetic field connection is formed among individuals in groups where communication among all the group members can occur simultaneously;

  3. as more and more individuals become increasingly self-regulated and grow in conscious awareness, their increased individual coherence in turn increases social coherence, which is reflected in increased cooperation and effective co-creative initiatives for the benefit of society and the planet.

Read more about the science of interconnectivity in this this extensive 30 page scientific booklet with 146 references, published by the HeartMath Institute (1).jpg

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  • We have good proof that the sun's and earth's magnetic activity has an effect on:

    • people's mental and emotional states

    • heart rate variability (HRV)

    • global collective behaviors

  • We currently understand that this happens through Earth's bioelectromagnetic fields, or “biofields,” which impact the weak electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates all living organisms, as discovered by biophysics. It shows that subtle influences are distributed across distance and impact us.

  • This shows that our attitudes, emotions and intentions are not limited to the space inside our bodies, but that they also can affect the mental and emotional states (consciousness) of others.

    • For example, if an individual is stressed their sheer presence would have a subtle negative impact on others around them, and vice versa.

  • What is still not proven with complete certainty is the extent to which that influence can be generated by collective human effort, however, this suggests that people can work together in a co-creative relationship to consciously increase coherence in the global field environment.

    • Further tests and measurements are currently being conducted by the Global Consciousness Network and the Heartmath Institute.

  • The discoveries allow us to see a world where things, events and people are field-connected, rather than a disconnected world that only interacts mechanistically through observable external impacts.

  • If we can successfully develop our ability to perceive our own biofields and the “frequency pitch” of the fields they are radiating, as well as the biofields of other people, it would be an enormous advancement in the collective consciousness. 

Various pioneers of interconnectivity research:

  • Roger Nelson

  • Rollin McCarthy

  • Lynn McTaggart

  • Dean Radin

  • Rupert Sheldrake

  • Russel Targ

  • Joe Dispenza