Festival Guidelines for Host participation


All Global Unity Festival Hosts must accept these Guidelines to ensure the integrity of all Festival content and the wellbeing of all Participants.


The purpose of the Global Unity Festival platform –'Millions regularly uniting to uplift the world' - creating the most powerful wave of positive energy that circle the world, increasing the wellbeing of individuals, communities and the planet. All Festival activities, either by the Organisers, Participants, Hosts or Partners must be in alignment with this purpose.


The Festival currently takes place regularly on the first Sunday of each month. It is organised in three separate phases (“Waves”) according to the three major world regions and each part has a central time at which the main uplifting practices take place (“The Peak”):


Uplifting Practice at the Peak

At the Peak of their chosen Wave (12 noon of the corresponding time zone) each event Host must allocate at least 10 minutes of their event content to a practice dedicated to the common intention of the festival - to 'uplift the world' (“Uplifting Practice”). This part of the event content must be streamed live by the host and cannot be a pre-recorded content. The content of the Uplifting Practice can take any form, as long as it is in alignment with the full Festival Guidelines.


Some common forms of an Uplifting Practice are meditation, prayer, visualisation, conscious song or dance, breathwork or energy healing etc. It is highly recommended, but not mandatory, for the Host to invite Festival Participants to consciously dedicate the benefits of the practice towards the Festival intention - uplift the world. For example, either at the start of the practice or when completing it the Host may say something like: “We now dedicate any benefits of our practice to uplifting our world”.

Greater Event and Commercial Content

The Host may freely choose the total duration of their full event - start at any chosen time prior to the Peak and end their event at any chosen time after the Peak (“Greater Event”), as long as it is clearly stated in the event programme on the Festival system. The Host may include any content during the Greater Event, as long as it is in alignment with full Festival Guidelines. Some common forms of such content are conscious music, guest speeches, educational presentations or interviews etc.

The Host can promote their own or their organisation's products/services (“Commercial Content”), as long as they are intended to improve the wellbeing of participants and of society in general, and are in alignment with the full Festival Guidelines. The Commercial Content must last no more than one sixth (⅙) of the total duration of their event (for example, if the event lasts one hour, the Commercial Content should be no more than 10 minutes).

Festival streaming and branding

All Festival Hosts must use YouTube for streaming to allow accessible viewing to all Participants, regardless of whether they belong to any of the closed social network services. Hosts may use other backend platforms to allow multiple participants on their stream and other functionality (for example, Zoom, Streamyard etc.), as long as the frontend stream is through YouTube. With further platform updates there will be a possibility to add closed and physical events - more information on that will follow.

Every Host is asked to include the official Global Unity Festival logo on their Youtube thumbnail and to use the hashtag #GloUFest in the YouTube video description to ensure consistency and recognition and to allow for searchability of the Festival.

Code of Ethics

  • Beneficence - All Festival content, practices and communications are conducted with the physical, mental and spiritual well-being and safety of all Participants considered.

  • Nonmaleficence - All Festival content, practices and communications are conducted without causing intentional harm to Participants.

  • Integrity - All Festival content, practices and communications are conducted in an honest and truthful manner providing comprehensive, accurate, and objective information. There should be no association with any information that contains a materially false or misleading statement, or that is misleading by omission.

  • Social justice - All Festival content, practices and communications are conducted in a fair and equitable manner.

  • Fidelity - All Festival Hosts, Participants, Organisers and Partners are treated with respect, fairness, discretion, and integrity.

Code of Conduct

Acceptable content. YES to:

  • Diversity - Content that showcases the uniqueness of certain cultures, traditions and practices.

  • Unity in diversity - Content that acknowledges the variety and diversity among the different cultures and traditions of the world while simultaneously acknowledging the unified elements of our humanity.

  • Education - Content that enhances Participant awareness, understanding and mastery of various aspects useful for the improvement of individual, collective and society's wellbeing.

  • Conscious entertainment - Content that enhances Participant mood in a polite, considerate, enlightening manner.

  • Therapeutic content and practices - Content and practices that are intended for the enhancement of the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the Participants, communities, society or the world.

  • Uplifting practices - Any practices that are intended to improve the mental, physical, spiritual or collective wellbeing for the higher good of all.

  • Focus on solutions - Content that provide and inspires to seek positive, sustainable and holistic solutions to any personal or collective challenges, instead of encouraging fighting, resistance or conflict.

  • Socially relevant content - Content that acknowledges and refers to currently relevant events in our society and the world, as long as it does not cross into the Unacceptable content.


Unacceptable content. NO to:

  • Political content - While reference to socially relevant events is welcome, no Festival content should contain explicit support to any political party, organisation, or force.

  • Intolerance - No Festival content should contain stereotypical, prejudiced or offensive material towards any culture, religion, race, gender etc.

  • Fanatic/fundamentalist content - No Festival content should contain any material that puts any individuals or groups in any exclusively better / superior position over another or sets one group against another.

  • "War against" anything - No Festival content should exhibit hostile or opposing attitudes towards any individuals, groups, circumstances, events or ideas (for example, war against poverty), but should instead exhibit supportive attitudes towards any desired goals (for example, support for prosperity).

  • “Conspiracy theory” content - While it is welcomed to refer to socially relevant events, no Festival content should contain material that makes absolute and definitive claims without conclusive evidence for causes of certain events are a result of secret plots by some individuals or groups of conspirators.

  • Excessive commercial content - While commercial content ie welcome, it should not exceed the guidelines outlined in the "Greater Event and Commercial Content" section.

  • Harmful content and practices - No Festival content or practices should create or inflict harm on any Participant's physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing or that of any other individuals, groups or events outside of the Festival. 

  • Hatespeech - No Festival content should contain offensive or derogatory material aimed at other Hosts, Participants or Organisers or any other individuals, groups or events outside of the festival. 

Hosts who do not to follow these Festival Guidelines are liable to be reported by Festival Participants and/or reviewed by the Organisers and their continued participation at the Festival will be reviewed. Festival Organisers are committed to free speech, progressive views and ideas and avoiding excessive censorship; however there is a fine line between that and ensuring the integrity of all the Festival content, image and the wellbeing of Participants. Each case reported or identified will be reviewed with the utmost attention, discretion and accuracy and Hosts will have the opportunity to submit an appeal against any finding, if they wish to.


Any suggestions for the improvement of these Guidelines and other aspects of the Festival are most welcome. Please write to us at unite@GlobalUnityFestival.org 

Let's unite to uplift the world!


With gratitude and love,

Global Unity Festival team.

Last updated on 10.09.2021.