Our Fellows & Friends

Is it a part of your mission or vision to to make the world a better place in some way, small or large? Are you inspired, guided and committed to increasing either the mental, physical, spiritual or collective wellbeing on our planet? At the Global Unity Festival, this is the core purpose of our being, expressed in our unique way and we truly believe that together we are stronger, wiser and better.

So let us join in a fellowship of conscious change-makers, visionaries and leaders! Any culture, nation or creed, let's connect, explore and collaborate in fulfilling this common vision for the world!

This is not an invitation for a formal organisational membership. Also this is distinct to host registrations at the Festival. We simply invite you to give a heartful pledge to support each other in fulfilling our common vision of a better world!

If you would like to for a mutual fellowship, simply send your name, logo/image, bio and any links and contacts to unite@GlobalUnityFestival.org 


Please let us know in what ways you would prefer to connect and exchange. We currently propose these following pledges:

  • Fellows:

    • Mutually include each other's projects on the websites (logo on home page + bio and contacts elsewhere)

    • Mutually share events/programmes to followers (any or all: newsletters, social media, dedicated page)

    • Mutually share at least one dedicated piece of extended content to followers (e.g. blog post, podcast/interview, advert etc)

  • Friends: 

    • Mutually include some information on each other's projects somewhere on the websites

  • Conscious Festival Fellowship:

    • Same pledges as for 'Fellows', plus below

    • Synchronise festival dates together, plus include an 'Uplifting Practice' during the Peak of the relevant Wave

      • Example: Plan your festival so that one Sunday overlaps with Global Unity Festival (e.g. July 3rd, 2022) and at the Peak of your region (12 noon JST / CET / CT time zones) hold at least 10 minutes of a dedicated Uplifting Practice at your festival.

    • We list your festival on our platform (you do not have to list ours)​

    • It is preferable that you live-stream your festival on our platform (either high-tech or low-tech streaming is fine)

    • Festival that support 'no drugs or alcohol' rule are preferable


Baltic Tantra Festival

Baltic Tantra Festival in Latvia gathers hundreds of people from all over the World to join these 4 days of Meditation, Dance and Celebration.Guided by highly experienced Tantra teachers you will go through the 4 main themes: Sexuality, Love, Meditation, Celebration. 

Tantra regards Sexuality, Love and Meditation as various manifestations of our life energy. During the Festival you will experience the vertical reality – raising the sexual energy to the level of the heart, where it transforms into the energy of love and then rises even higher and becomes Meditation. When all three aspects are in harmony, we can celebrate our life!The international team of musicians, artists and dancers will be part of the Festival. They will create ecstatic space for celebration, tantric rituals and the Temple of Love.

The Baltic Tantra Festival takes place in one of the most beautiful areas of Latvia nature – near Sigulda. The venue is a guest house “Ratnieki” located in a country side setting surrounded by the magical Latvian woods and apple orchard. Ratnieki guesthouse is less than an hour’s drive from Riga. The area of Sigulda is the perfect antidote to big city bustle. Stunning scenery, ancient castles and incredible adventures await you in this natural wonderland.For centuries, painters, poets and lovers have found inspiration amidst the lovely landscapes of Sigulda, and visitors continue to embrace this exceptionally beautiful part of Latvia today.

Our special thanks to Baltic Tantra Festival for encouragement, inspiration and allowing us to include some of their beautiful images on our platform.

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Festival "Būtība" (Essence)



The world calls us to open our hearts to the Spirit of Love. It is always available and just waiting for us to tune in to its wave. We meet in for the sixth time in the forests of Latvia to raise to higher heights and dive into deepest depths!

The festival includes the celebration of Summer Solstice and rituals during Līgo night in our own special way which is different from traditional. It will be a call from the depths of our hearts to reunite with the Soul of Mother Earth – it’s quintessence!Four fulfilled days where the forces of East, South, West and North are intertwined. Three nights filled with mystical experiences. To honor Mother Earth, her power and support. In honor of her sacred union with Heaven, from which, we were created. In honor of our ancestors and their heritage. We celebrate in the prayer of dance and song for our Divine future.

LIVELY, JOYFUL, HEALING, SELF-INQUIRY FESTIVAL HAPPENING DURING FOUR DAYS OF SUMMER SOLSTICE. Rituals and ceremonies, concerts and dance parties, musical performances, shamanic journeys, yoga, tantra, meditation. Masterclasses / Creative Workshops / Vegeterian Meals, Families with children very much welcome! No drugs, No alcohol.

The time has come to return to our Core, our Quintessence. The Shamanic path is powerful support to get to know oneSelf. Which is crucial to develop the bond with Mother Earth and all that is.

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Tribal Vision Festival

Tribal Vision Festival exists to spread sustainable living practices, preserve indigenous culture, and share ceremony and traditions; catalyzed through a 3-day celebration of community, dance, and music.Tribal Vision is dedicated to recognizing and gathering the indigenous peoples of the world. We believe in honoring our earth and calling out to those of the past who have not forgotten their ancient roots. We have asked elders of many paths to come and share their wisdom, artists and musicians to share their joyful expressions and teachers of many paths to pass on new technologies. By linking traditions and belief systems we are able to create new path ways of love and support for all of us. We wish to create an area of awakening, opening, empowerment, and trust within ourselves and our community.

Every year the profits are donated to indigenous cultural preservation projects. we benefit from the ancient ceremonial traditions and philosophy passed on to us by these elders. the power of ceremony is recognized world over by every civilization and culture throughout history. Sadly, Many of the reservations of the United States have had the ecology and water systems destroyed by foreign mining companies with US Government contracts. It is our hope to bring awareness of these events to the circle of Tribal Vision in order to help others see what is happening, and what we can do to help. We intend to inspire people to discover what we can do to change our participation in life on this planet.

Music has been an integral aspect of living beings since not long after the first breaths. We honor the long history of song by featuring music such as traditional medicine songs of Native elders, EDM from Guatemala, Celtic Harp and West African drumming; all while still honoring our local roots and filling the stage with our family and friends. Over the years we have featured acts such as: Elephant Revival, Medicine for the People, LYNX & JANOVER, Rising Appalachia, SUPAMAN, Lunar Fire, Xerephine, The Alcapones, Totem, INTUIT, Las Cueranderros, Buddha Bomb, The Copper Children, wandering monks and many others.

We host a wide variety of workshops. Whether philosophical or practical, nutritional or Spiritual, Sustainable for the land or the body, all will help to enrich life.

The Children are our future, and family is our foundation. We strive to make Tribal Vision A Festival where all ages can not only feel accepted, but connected. To help this we have Rainbow Lightning Youth Village creating a clean play area and creation space. as well as making Tribal Vision an ALCOHOL FREE EVENT. We hope to create a space that leaves us refreshed, uplifted and empowered, rather than drained and destroyed from 3 days of little rest and lots of party.

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Environmental Solutions


Environmental Action Reaching Throughout Humanity (E.A.R.T.H.)’s mission is to promote sustainable ideas for a healthier future by educating communities about how to protect and preserve their natural resources.

E.A.R.T.H. was established as a community network platform for the restoration of local environments and ecosystems. The organization strives to bring awareness to ecological restoration, regenerative technologies and the rights of nature.

E.A.R.T.H. will accomplish its mission through promotional events, educational workshops and the visual arts. The events and projects will include trail reconstruction, the clean-up of rivers, waterways, lakes and coasts, as well as sustainable agricultural projects. We will educate, promote and bring together communities to protect and preserve their natural resources by hosting online workshops and special events focused on healthy solutions for environmental issues that affect us all. E.A.R.T.H. will also use art to illuminate the needs of our environment and bring community together in collective expression.

Our aim is to build a web of people from across the world and all walks of life who share the common cause of protecting our home. We believe that en masse there can be real change, but to create it, we must walk together.

There are many ways to get involved with Environmental Action Reaching Throughout Humanity. What is your passion? Do you feel called to advocate for the rivers? Do you like working with the earth through planting trees? Do you have special skills in administration that you would like to go towards something innovative? E.A.R.T.H. offers a variety of programs that work autonomously yet collectively to replenish our natural resources, connect community, and educate and empower people to help heal the earth. We also have sponsorship potentials for those who share our mission but cannot physically attend. Join here: environmentalsolutions.earth/joinus1 

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Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Elder, community and global leader

Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations and is an internationally recognized leader in human, community, and economic development. During the past 50 years, Chief Lane has worked with Indigenous Peoples from the Americas, Micronesia, South East Asia, China, India, Bhutan, Hawaii, and Africa. He served 16 years as an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada (1980-1996). In 1982, Chief Lane founded the Four Worlds International Institute (FWII). As well, Phil is Chairman of Four Directions International and Compassion Games International.


Chief Lane has been the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions. He was the first indigenous person to win the prestigious Windstar Award, presented annually on behalf of the late John Denver and the Windstar Foundation. In 2000, he received the Year 2000 Award for Freedom and Human Rights given by the Swiss Foundation. In 2008, Chief Lane received the Ally Award presented by the Center for Healing Racism for his dedicated work, for more than 19 years, as one of the key Indigenous leaders in the resolution of Canada's Residential School issue, which involved the sexual, physical, cultural, psychological, and emotional abuse of thousands of Aboriginal children in Canada. On August 15, 1992 in recognition of his hereditary lineage of leadership and longtime service to Indigenous Peoples and the Human Family, Indigenous Elders from across North America recognized Phil as a Hereditary Chief of the Hinhan Wicasa and Deloria Tiospayes of the Ihanktonwan Dakota, through a Traditional Headdress Ceremony. Since 2008, Chief Lane has stepped into global leadership. He currently serves as a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES), Council of Elders. He is host of the Shift Network’s Global Indigenous Wisdom Summits. As well, Chief Lane is an Honorary International Advisor to the Help Foundation of Beijing.

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Protocol.Love fosters the emergence of a socioeconomic system infused with Loving Kindness for organizations who choose a commitment to Vulnerable Transparency.

A lot of what we rely on existing government and banking infrastructure to do for us is to act as a registry of information. The costs of relying on large, centralized structures for this relatively simple task is becoming more apparent each day. In order to allow for the emergence of something new that does not revert back into the dysfunctional standards, CoGov proposes a protocol for the transparent sharing of operations.

Protocol.Love is a proposal to imbue Loving Kindness into socioeconomic systems. It does so by providing standards through which organizations can embody their commitment to Vulnerable Transparency. Ultimately, by having large amounts of data shared on distributed ledgers with a standard protocol for Vulnerable Transparency, we will be able to algorithmically identify Loving and Kind behavior– which is inherently anti-rivalrous, and omni-win.

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“Spiriterritory” is a space where we have conversations about vitally important issues: humans, the planet, our relationship with Earth and our future on it. We talk about what it means to be human and to be alive as well as the footprint we make in this world, all the while remaining conscious of the fact that a sustainable future for humans and the solution to the current crisis (be it ecological, social, political or mental) can only be found in interaction, in the meeting of ideas from various different fields and the subsequent synthesis of new ideas. It can only be found in a dialogue rooted in an international network – a dialogue between ancient knowledge and various spiritual practices and modern-day science, between shamans and philosophers, between artists and neuroscientists, between anthropologists and musicians, between politicians and religious leaders, between teenagers and adults, instead of only within the narcissistic “bubble” of a single discipline and a single way of thinking.

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Unite is a Health & Wellness Community Connection Platform! We are on a mission to elevate global happiness! With transformational events, technology, & community spaces!Connect & share; how can we support you too?! LOVE!

We're a global happiness platform that combines social media, an e-commerce marketplace, and a search engine, focusing at first on wellness, sustainability, & community. We believe that the current state of the internet is missing an opportunity to connect people with what they're looking for and businesses with their ideal clients. The ad centric model used by facebook, google, etc... means that platforms are incentivized to not make connections unless the business has the money & skill to pay for marketing on their platforms. We are creating a platform where people can find what they're looking for (events, products, services, information, & connections with people & businesses) in an organic & easy way. We want people & businesses to want to share information with us about who they are, what they are offering (& who would benefit most from it), what they're looking for etc...


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