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Unite to Uplift the World

Festival of Love, Healing, Diversity and Culture


Calling upon all community leaders, changemakers and wisdom keepers!

It is time for us to unite!
Unite in a common dance, intention, song, meditation or prayer.
Any background, culture or creed!


Become a Host
at the
Global Unity Festival


Share your gifts to
uplift the world together!


Become a host at the Global Unity Festival!

Global Unity Festival is a platform for conscious synchronised events. It's an opportunity to regularly celebrate global unity, experience inner peace and joy, and increase the collective wellbeing in our society.

  • Stream your unique virtual or physical event or collaborate with other artists, teachers and visionaries. 

  • Be discovered by new participants, followers, clients and tribe members all on a single platform.

  • Unite in a synchronised event with countless others across the world and create a global wave of positive energy

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How the Festival works for hosts

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Power to create

Global Unity Festival is built on the idea that our thoughts, emotional states and intentions can influence the reality around us, and if millions unite in a common intention we can create global positive effects. These effects have the power to transcend our current challenges and provide the connection, healing and transformation in our world so many are yearning for. (Discover the evidence in our 'Learn' section.) Become a host at the Festival and take part in guiding, creating and holding the space for others!

We have created this platform with the intention to GIVE the most we can to the world. And we invite all our partners, hosts and participants to join with the same intention: Give at least 10 minutes of your gift to the world, or design more elaborate events around the 'Uplifting Practice'. Global Unity Festival is a space for the collective consciousness to self-organise and find ever more creative and effective ways to increase the physical, mental, spiritual and collective wellbeing on the home we call Earth. Our commitment is to ensure that this is a win-win-win opportunity for everyone, and we will continue to innovate and explore new ways of accomplishing that. Please share your feedback, ideas and suggestions with us at 

What you can GIVE as a host at the Festival:


  • Share your gifts, teachings, creative talents, wisdom and skills that uplift the world

  • Inspire and be inspired by other hosts - collaborate in a dedicated closed group and create amazing events together

  • Provide extra services to Festival participants, such as group support sessions and 1-1 sessions after the Festival (paid of free)

What you can RECEIVE as a host at the Festival:


  • Strengthen your following - create new experiences for your existing follower community by including them in a global experience

  • Gain new followers - Be discovered by a new audience through our Festival platform and other upcoming features

  • Find like minded partners - connect and collaborate with other hosts in a dedicated closed group

  • Enhance your public image as a force for good

  • Promote your products/services:

    • Include promotional content during livestreams (in alignment with Festival Guidelines)

    • Publish referral links or banners in dedicated areas on the Festival platform

  • Generate new support - Publish links to your financial support accounts, such as Patreon

  • Monetise - Use native YouTube monetisation features inside our platform, generate sales from your published referral links, organise physical events and charge for entry. (More features coming.)

What happens when you register*:

  • Step 1 - Onboarding and Community

    • Fill out and publish your host profile

    • Join a closed group for hosts to connect and exchange ideas (+ other opportunities to get involved around the Platform)

    • Accept the Festival Guidelines

  • Step 2 - Create your event

    • Choose your Wave, event type, duration and content

    • Pre-schedule a Youtube Live and add your event description (Get all the necessary support from our team)

    • Sit back and wait to get your event approved, published and discovered on our Festival platform (see the number of sign-ups)

  • Step 3 - Unite to Uplift the World

    • Host your event among many other hosts with countless people joining across the world

    • Share your gifts generously and receive generous rewards on personal and collective level

    • Be a part of an unprecedented collective experience taking us to a new level of human journey

* Your registration does not make publishing your event mandatory, nor does it guarantee that your event will be approved for publishing. You will have plenty of opportunities to receive guidance and support before you publish your event when you decide you are ready. You can remove your host profile at any time

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The new Platform

The current website you're visiting is our first prototype to allow us to build the momentum and prepare for the full launch. Our team is currently creating a custom website with dedicated functionality to become the most engaging platform that facilitates global synchronised events.

See more about it here >

Host account features on the new Platform:

  1. Quick, convenient and automated registration

  2. Easily manage your host profile information

  3. Be discovered and promote yourself in the Host directory

  4. Easily add and manage your events

  5. See how many participants sign up to attend and get reminders for your event

  6. See community comments to your individual events

  7. See all your event and comment history

  8. Add promotional links or banners to advertise your products or services

Advancing the new science together

At the foundation of this Festival is the idea that our thoughts, intentions and emotional states affect the reality around us. We now have good experimental and scientific evidence that this indeed may be possible. See much more on that on our 'Learn' section. Despite this evidence, it is still not widely accepted and talked about, and one of the reasons is that it still needs more solid proof and promotion.

Therefore, a big part of our vision is to collaborate with scientists and research organisations working in this field, which can be called the 'science of interconnectivity'. We are already including functionality to measure the number of total participants taking part in all of the Festival events combined. Knowing precisely how many people unite in the same intention allows to more accurately observe and measure any effects that show up in the world. We intend to develop ways to link this information with the existing methods that scientists use to measure the effects of 'mind over matter' and, perhaps, to collaborate on creating new methods.

So by taking part in this Festival not only will you create a wonderful and unique collective experience, but also contribute to taking science to the next frontier. Imagine, if we had unshakable confirmation that we can transcend our current challenges, improve our physical, mental, spiritual and collective wellbeing.

Join the Festival, stay tuned for the scientific breakthroughs and be a part of the next advancement of our collective consciousness!

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