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Angela Brunner

Breathwork trainer, meditation teacher

Angela combines Rhythmic Breathing, Breath holds and Meditation to bring inner state of peace, joy, wellbeing and connection to your true power, to your inner source.

Angela is an extremely sensible woman, she has the ability to connect from her heartspace , in a very loving and compassionate way, bringing us a very calming feeling of peace and love. She also can be very passionate, bringing us the joy of the child and the allowing us to be that joy.

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Antonia Daniek

Wisdom Wayfinder Guide & Visionary Heart

As a Wisdom Wayfinder Guide and Spiritual & Business Mentor Antonia supports Changemakers and Founders to deeply connect to their purpose and inner wisdom so they can create great and make an impact in the world that they are truly passionate about. Antonia believes in co-creating a world of meaning and reconnection where resources and wisdom are shared to improve the life and environment to the best of all. https://linktr.ee/antoniadaniek

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Bjakti Marga Kirtan

Bhakti Marga Kirtan is devotion in the form of music. K. Bhakti Marga musicians performing devotional kirtans and bhajans hosted by Bhakti Marga, the international organization and movement founded by Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda.

Bhakti Marga means the ‘path of devotion’. Paramahamsa Vishwananda gave this name to His international mission to show people the simplest way to discover their eternal relationship with God.

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Casey Feucht

Having spent most of her life trapped in the binds of a neurotic personality, Casey knows well the hell realms that are anxiety, worry, fear, obsession, judgement, jealousy, and the list goes on!  Years of self-inquiry not only showed her the way out of this multi-dimensional maze, but also fostered a passion for exploring consciousness.  She has made it her life’s mission to share the ideas and practices which helped her “wake up,” because she knows as long as they have the willingness to look, everyone has the capacity to do the same.  Casey is here to be the gentle, loving mirror in which you begin to truly see yourself.

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YouTube: Youtube.com/c/CaseyFeucht

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Charlie Vas

Singer, songwriter, mystic

Charlie Vas is a world traveler, mysticism practitioner, singer and songwriter from Panama. While living in Panama, he and his partner Elina Vas established the We Love Mystic Spiritual Center, which organized meditations and mantras, world music evenings, and expeditions to shrines. He is currently part of the mystery circles in Latvia, organizing various energy activation events.

Charlie Vas is a versatile and wide-ranging composer and performer. From "new age" music, meditations, mantras, ethnic and Latin music to reggae and progressive rock. Among the many projects, one of the highlights is the progressive rock band "Atom", which recorded a studio album with songs written by Charlie and participated in events such as Saulkrasti Summer Sound Festival. Charlie has performed at various spiritual development, yoga and other festivals in Estonia, Panama and Latvia. Charlie is the leading musician and the heart of the festival "Būtība" (Essence) and "Baltic Tantra Festival".

Charlie Vas uses his music as a medium to connect with the inner reality of love and pass it on to the listener through his performances. When performing, Charlie touches the deepest strings of his soul. He inspires listeners to live their dreams and become conduits of love in this world.

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Facebook: Facebook.com/charlie.shajta 

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Chelle Clarke

Witch, Activator, Creatrix, Seer

I am a witch, energy Alchemist and creatrix showing women how to own who the f*ck they are, embrace their magic and build a bad ass empire on their terms without a blueprint or cookie cutter strategy in sight


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Join the community: Www.facebook.com/groups/riseofthespiritualentrepreneur


Denise Wise

Singer & Songwriter, Author

I have been writing a lot about freedom over the years, from brain-washing to undue influence and look how relevant it’s suddenly become! Also breaking free from our own patterns of behaviour and clearing ancestral lines is now becoming paramount in order to rise and shine. Art and music are excellent ways of releasing stuck emotions and finding past life wounds with lessons carried into this lifetime must be looked at in the shadows before we can transcend.

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Elina Vas

Poet, healer, mystic

A traveler, a poet, an anthropologist of peace, but in the deepest essence, a researcher of mysteries who dreams of Terra Nova or the "New Earth".
Through the years Elina has been creating and conducting sound and resonance rituals with her partner, mystery keeper and musician Charlie Vas. They both share their knowledge at the festivals such as "Būtība" (Essence), "Gara Vasara" (Spirit Summer), "Everti".

At the Mystery School of the House of Thirteen Dreamers, Elīna leads meditations, seminars in Kabbalistic Tarot and Western Kabbalah.

Elina is an A.U.R.A Hypnosis / RAAH Reiki Healing Practitioner privately and in groups.
The "Pacific Mystery School" of Western Mysticism has had a significant influence on Elina's spiritual practice and theory. There, under the guidance of the author and master of Western mysteries Pamela Eakins (Ph.D.), she has been studying and practicing the ancient world mysteries of Western mysticism, Kabbalah and Tarot for over a decade.

On her travels around the world to South America, the Himalayas, Thailand, Elina Vas has sought ways to transform life into a more peaceful one. She has studied the world's peaceful communities, the world's "new age" currents, and Terevada Buddhism in Thailand. In addition to spiritual disciplines, Elina has a master's degree in social anthropology. Her scientific and private interest has always been in the study of inner and outer peace.

Elīna Vas's worldview and mystical experience of reality have been published in four poetry books. The collections are published in the USA, where the poems of the Sisters of the Holy Pen are compiled in English: (1) Pandemic Corona: Poems of Shock, Fear, Realization, & Metamorphosis (2020); (2) Death: Deep Reflections (2020); (3) Sacred Earth: Dreaming the Future (2020); Liberty: 2021 (07).
Sharing ancient mysteries, Elīna's desire is to help everyone discover their deepest essence, which resonates with the highest vibrations of freedom and peace.

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Facebook: Facebook.com/elina.bauzekrastina


Keith Hodge

Energy Healing, Ambient Dj 

My passion is in enabling people to break through everything that is in the way of their full self expression. To support them in embodying their power and bringing their gifts to the world.

I am the healer’s healer and run an international healing academy called Intuity where I train healers to become the greatest version of themselves they can in this world. 

I specialise in root healing work, supporting people in healing the deepest layers that are in the way of both creating a life that they love and in bringing through their own gifts to the world. My work includes inner child, emotions, past lifetimes, ancestral healing, psychic surgery. A powerful team of guides support me with the healing. I have facilitated practitioner training and retreats in countries around the world such as Bali, Los Angeles, Eastern Europe, Ibiza and the UK.

I run a free fortnightly online healing journey called Intuity Bliss where I DJ a live ambient music set whilst guiding you deeply into yourself.

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Lisa Hamilton-Smith

Horsewoman, Entrepeneur, Podcaster, Speaker, Mindset coach and Knowledge Broker 

Lisa defines herself as a multi-passionate entrepeneur with a love of horses, speaking, leading and inspiring people to live their dreams. She is an author of “Live a Life You Love, it’s the only Life You Have”. Lisa started out live loving horses but recognised having the funds and the time sufficient to buy and compete with horses was not so easy to achieve. Thus started a life long interest in living a life you love no matter what, a business degree and brief career in the city lead to Lisa discovering that a conventional job was not possible and the pursuit of making money from her passion horses ensued.


More recently Lisa found herself needing a bigger challenge and a broader reach than just the HorseWorld, so a desire to become a life coach, lead her to gaining certifications as an NLP coach and practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Training and investing heavily to learn from Tony Robbins the master of self discovery and optimisation, Dean Graziosi the master of selling your expertise and Russell Brunson the master of the Sales Funnel.


Today Lisa is the founder of the Dream Team Life podcast with her co host manifestation expert Marissa Manrique. www.thedreamteampodcast.com @thedreamteamacademy on Instagram Lisa also founded the Equestrian Mastermind a community for horsemen and women to educate themselves to be the best for the betterment of the horse. www.facebook.com/groups/equestrianmastermind or www.olympicriding.com/EQMstart


Last year during the first Covid Lockdown Lisa founded the Global Mindset Summit creating a community of mindset coaches and speakers who help people create life’s that they love through Mindset tools and the Dream Team Life coaching Academy will launch later in the year.

A life journey through domestic violence, becoming a lone parent and losing entire family to cancer has made Lisa the come back queen. Her never give up attitude is infectious and her desire to transform peoples perspectives so they too can push through whatever life throws at them to live a life they love :)

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Magdalena Atkinson

Singer, songwriter, wisdom keeper

Magdalena is a soulful singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, yogini, a teacher of Shakti Dance – yoga of dance, Gene Keys Guide, and a dreamer. She is a team member of Gene Keys Poland, she studies astrology, Human Design, and various modalities which empowers the conscious connections between body-mind-heart-soul. She sees creativity as a powerful tool for healing and self-expression, encouraging others to find their voice and express the full potential in their lives. She lives in Dorset, UK with her family and 3 kids.You can find her music albums - first one called 'Beauty & Power' and the second one called 'Love & Light' on Spotify and YouTubeHer music gently heals confusion, empowers and inspires. Experience this truly magical and eclectic voice, at times touching your heart with its gentle quality, at others lifting your spirit with its power and resonance, inviting you to dance, stump or sing-along.

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Website: www.magdalenaatkinson.co.uk

Facebook: Facebook.com/MagdalenaAtkinsonMusic/ 

Youtube: Youtube.com/channel/UCAkJAMObUe7UNBT3O0peMmg  

Spotify: Spotify.com/artist/59WZhZBfgiaG8QpCGYGCwM 

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Nancy Chalmers

Intuitive artist, quantum energy practitioner and yoga/meditation teacher

Born in Australia – land of the Rainbow Serpent, the Dreamtime, rainforests, billabongs and coral reefs – in the rad 80s when Ken Done doona covers, Golden Gaytimes and Kylie Minogue were hot, I grew up to be a gypsy nomad travelling wherever the tropical breeze takes me. After 2 years travelling Asia, I’m home again and loving it. My ‘studio’ is a little country cottage nestled in the Alpine region, surrounded by snowy mountains, eucalyptus trees, kangaroos and plenty of cheeky kookaburras.

With a degree in Art History and Archaeology, I’m fascinated by the mythologies of ancient cultures, fairytales and legends, and often lose myself in nostalgic fantasies of the more recent past – the 60s, 70s and 80s. Yeah, I’m pretty nerdy.

I’m also a bit of a mystic. As a certified yoga teacher and energy healer, I have learnt to tap into what I can only describe as a ‘sixth sense’ or highly-tuned ‘intuition’ through meditation, yoga, sound healing and other psycho-energetic techniques. Call me a witch if you will – but it helps me paint some incredible ‘intuitive portraits’ and shows me the way in my own life, when I need inspiration.

I’m named after Nancy Drew and Alice in Wonderland – so it makes sense that I’m obsessed with children’s books and fantasy worlds. I guess I just have a wild imagination. And I’m perfectly happy to live in it whenever possible.

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“Spiriterritory” is a space where we have conversations about vitally important issues: humans, the planet, our relationship with Earth and our future on it. We talk about what it means to be human and to be alive as well as the footprint we make in this world, all the while remaining conscious of the fact that a sustainable future for humans and the solution to the current crisis (be it ecological, social, political or mental) can only be found in interaction, in the meeting of ideas from various different fields and the subsequent synthesis of new ideas. It can only be found in a dialogue rooted in an international network – a dialogue between ancient knowledge and various spiritual practices and modern-day science, between shamans and philosophers, between artists and neuroscientists, between anthropologists and musicians, between politicians and religious leaders, between teenagers and adults, instead of only within the narcissistic “bubble” of a single discipline and a single way of thinking.

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Teahna Edralin

Divine Feminine Light Leader


Teahna Edralin is a Quantum Healer, Transformation Expert, and the Best Selling Author of When Saving the World is Killing You.Her service to humanity has been greatly received by many around the globe as potent, powerful, and life- changing. Her dedication to her spiritual path and serving during the Great Awakening fuels her passion to continue to develop and create with her benevolent team for humanity to heal and rise into a higher potential.


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Veronica Brady

Healer & Messenger

Wandering Consciously on our beautiful planet through forests, lakelands and hills, gathering insights and messages from this realm and others. In my work, which I love and feel blessed to have discovered in this lifetime,  I help people to see their true light and empower themselves through various Shamanic teachings and practices and other trainings, both mystic and mainstream. The flow of writing poetry is another blessed gift I have unearthed. 
My goal is for Unity of All Kind and I’ll do all I can to support this and to help all to dream it into their realities. 
Blessed Love of the Highest Light 

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Wayne Mouland, aka Double MC

Visionary, environmental activist, conscious rapper


My journey began many years ago, when a number of negative decisions and actions led me to a very dark space. As time went on, I received a series of signs and divine messages pointing me in another direction. Through these messages, I was led to the practice of meditation and mindfulness, which changed my life.Becoming aware of my emotions, thoughts, and actions and how they impacted not only myself, but the world around me, brought a sense of clarity to my life. My purpose in life became clear, and my connection to Mother Earth and the world around me intensified. Through this realization of what my life was meant to be, I founded Echo Movement to share my experiences and guidance with anyone in search of something more.

I now spend my days hosting weekly clean ups around the GTA through my non-profit Echo CleanUp. When I’m not picking up litter along the waterfront, you can find me mentoring others, participating in other community organizations such as Feed it Forward, and continuously practicing my meditation. I also enjoy spreading love and inspiration though my music and artistic persona – Rapper Double MC.


Over the years, Wayne's love for music was always there every step of the way. He has always felt called to get back into writing and performing Rap music. Now he is back in the studio doing what he loves and this time, he's giving it a positive, uplifting and inspiring message. His new album "Lyrical Miracle" is a compilation of songs touching on global issues such as Mental Health, World Hunger, Cleaning the Earth and World Peace. Wayne's aim is to help put the "poetry" back into the Rhythm And Poetry of R.A.P. Music.


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Wil Christe

I am an eternal student: Qabala, Sacred Geometry, merkaba, and numerology are core areas of focus. I am a merkaba activation enthusiast, gifted claricognizant, distance Reiki practitioner, and brother of fellow Ascended Affiliate, Ron Christe. We are both Geminis born 370 days apart. We are both recent graduates of the Gene Keys Guides program. We offer joint sessions (Reading and Reiki) where I do intuitive Synthesis Card Readings, incorporating Tarot and Gene Key Synthesis cards while Ron channels Reiki. We also admin "Instruments of Infinity" group on Facebook and Mighty Networks. In addition to readings, I offer mentorship to those called to accelerate their spiritual journey.

#qabala, #sacred-geometry, #merkaba, #numerology, #claricognizant, #reiki, #iinstruments-of-infinity, #reading-and-reiki, #spritual-path-mentor, #mentorship


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