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Monthly FESTIVAL of Love, Healing, Celebration and Culture

MANY forms, ONE intention

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About the Festival

Global Unity Festival is a platform for conscious synchronised events with livestreams taking part every first Sunday of each month.


You can discover many different hosts and performers on different live virtual stages. Each stage will host events like meditation, conscious music, prayers, breathwork and many more. But what unites them all is a single intention - to uplift the world.


Each host synchronises their activities during the peak of the Festival to focus on this intention, creating a wave of positive energy. This is a place to celebrate global unity, experience inner peace and joy and contribute to increased wellbeing of society.

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Celebrate global unity

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Experience inner peace and joy

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Increase wellbeing in society

First Sunday of every month

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Join in 2022:

  • May 1st

  • June 5th

  • July 3rd

  • August 7th

  • September 4th

  • October 2nd

  • November 6th

  • December 4th


Discover different conscious leaders, artists, healers, and wisdom keepers on MULTIPLE STAGES!

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UNITE with others around the world

at the same moment

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Create a powerful ripple of positive thoughts, intentions and emotional states with countless others around the world!


A custom Festival platform

Advancing the new science together

At the foundation of this Festival is the idea that our thoughts, intentions and emotional states affect the reality around us. We now have good experimental and scientific evidence that this indeed may be possible. See much more on that on our 'Learn' section. Despite this evidence, it is still not widely accepted and talked about, and one of the reasons is that it still needs more solid proof and promotion.

Therefore, a big part of our vision is to collaborate with scientists and research organisations working in this field, which can be called the 'science of interconnectivity'. We are already including functionality to measure the number of total participants taking part in all of the Festival events combined. Knowing precisely how many people unite in the same intention allows to more accurately observe and measure any effects that show up in the world. We intend to develop ways to link this information with the existing methods that scientists use to measure the effects of 'mind over matter' and, perhaps, to collaborate on creating new methods.

So by taking part in this Festival not only will you create a wonderful and unique collective experience, but also contribute to taking science to the next frontier. Imagine, if we had unshakable confirmation that we can transcend our current challenges, improve our physical, mental, spiritual and collective wellbeing.

Join the Festival, stay tuned for the scientific breakthroughs and be a part of the next advancement of our collective consciousness!

Create a bigger impact together

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Let's create a bigger wave of positive energy together, sooner!

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